July 10, 2020

My First Piece of Antisemitic Mail: Come One, Come All and Read about God

By Alexis Herr

I checked my mail this morning and saw inside a thick envelope with a New York PO Box return address. The girth of the envelope led me to believe it was a wedding invitation from a friend whom recently texted and asked for my address. I eagerly opened it up only to discover ten-pages of photocopied text that claimed God foretold the Holocaust and that the Jews brought the genocide upon themselves. How did they anger God so much that he might sanction the mass annihilation of Jews? Here are three of the “reasons,” according to PO Box 1311 NYC 10023:


“The jew believes he or she can do no wrong, they feel as if without sin, saints, by virtue of their jewishness…Thus the jewish religious leaders teach them deceits, and lead them away from the truth and from God” [FYI, Jew is not capitalized throughout, but I do appreciate gender neutral pronouns.]

“They have been deceived by God’s Adversary, Satan, who is now the ruler of this world” [Note, Satan is capitalized]

“All who have sinned against me I will blot him out of my book of Life (Exodus 32:33). Israel rejected God, as their king” [I think they are saying that the Jewish faith’s belief that Jesus was not God’s son nor their savior means that God views Jews as an enemy and thus will kill them…I don’t know, I am just guessing here]


This packet of letters is rather confusing, but I think I get their the message: Judaism is wrong and apparently I must be misinformed therefore I received this generous wad of information. I am unsure how I ended up on the radar of the person who owns this PO Box or how they got my home address. Perhaps they read this blog, and if they are reading it now, thanks for visiting! Or, maybe they found my name on an op-ed I published for the Jewish weekly. Who knows.

I find it troubling that who ever sent me this “information” believes that God killed six million Jews and does not hold the male and female perpetrators who did the killing accountable for their crimes. Even more worrisome is their belief that Nazi and Fascist murderers were acting out God’s will by committing genocide. I have always been of the opinion that using God’s name to justify killing others might be worth rethinking. I can appreciate that the owner of PO Box 1311 sent their materials to help me find their truths. I strongly support the rights and freedoms that allow them to voice their thoughts and opinions just as I am grateful to live in a country that permits my free expression and thoughts on a blog such as this.

Thus, I openly state that I believe that human nature causes genocide not God. One of the most important lessons to be learned from the Holocaust is that all humanity is capable of committing atrocity. In order to live ethically and morally it is important to recognize this flaw within us and always work to correct it. Holding God responsible for genocide will not prevent its occurrence in the future. As I want to work towards the prevention of genocide, I choose to focus on learning from past mistakes and working towards a conflict free future.


One thought on “My First Piece of Antisemitic Mail: Come One, Come All and Read about God

  1. Very well said. I share with you the believe that human nature causes genocide and other atrocious acts of one person against another. Putting the responsibility on “God” gives people the freedom to act without impunity. Thank you for your well thought out response to the hatred mail that you received.

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